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Lennox Gas Furnaces

“The SLP98V the most efficient and quietest furnace you can buy*. The SLP98V Lennox gas furnace has up to 98.2% efficiency rating.

Imagine a furnace that not only makes you feel perfectly comfortable, but will make you feel even better about your decision month after month. Compared to a standard furnace, it can dramatically lower your utility costs. And because it’s engineered to be virtually silent – even when running at full capacity. It’s also the quietest furnace you can buy*.

The EL195 High efficiency single stage furnace with efficiency ratings of 95 % AFUE, the EL195 can save you hundreds of dollars each year on utility bills, compared to older and standard efficiency furnaces. The EL195 may also qualify for local incentives and rebates.”

*Based on sound pressure levels during steady-state, high-fire and low-fire operation of Lennox SLP98UH10V36B and leading competitive units at mid-point temperature rise and minimum external static pressure when set up per Section 4.5.3 of AHRI 260. Efficiency ratings established per test standard: ANSI/ASHRAE 103-2007.


Lennox Air Conditioning

Take a vacation from high temperatures and even higher energy bills with a new, energy efficient Lennox air conditioner from Fireplace Stove World.

Fireplace Stove World offers a complete line of energy efficient Lennox air conditioners that utilize innovative technology to save energy while delivering outstanding comfort.