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“The AURORA Air Tight Wood Burning Stove by Ardent Energy provides outstanding temperature control with its standard Bi-Metal Thermostat (no power required). An optional Electric Wall Mounted Thermostat Kit can be installed on the Aurora to control your home's heating temperature more evenly. The Aurora has the legendary Ardent Energy long burn. A 12 hour burn is easily possible with the Aurora*.

The Ardent Mark II Wood & Coal burning stove by Ardent Energy comes with dual thermostats (one on the air intake and the other on your wall). This is a unique combination for a space heater not available from any other manufacturer in North America. Set your thermostat and your room stays at a constant temperature. In fact, in one laboratory test the temperature difference between the setting on the thermostat and the room was only one third degree over 16 hours with one load of wood*.

BLAZE KING offers Air Tight Wood Burning Stoves in Catalytic and Non Catalytic, which takes outside air for combustion without using any room air. Blaze King's Bi-Metal Thermostat automatically compensates for the naturally uneven cycles of the burning wood. Depended on the model of Blaze King wood stove you select you can get long burn times from 14 hours* up to 40 hours*.”

*May vary subject to optional equipment, stove location, heat loss factors, climate and fuel.



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