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The DELTA by R.S.F. ENERGY is a beautiful Bay Window (471 square inches) Large Capacity Clean Wood Burning Air Tight Fireplace, featuring a 4.7 Cubic Foot Firebox. The DELTA has a Bi-Metal Thermostat (requires no power) and can hook up to an optional Wall Thermostat. This fireplace is Zero Clearance to combustibles (installation to stand offs) and is Canadian/USA Heater Rated.

The OPEL 2000 by R.S.F. ENERGY also has a Bi-Metal Thermostat (requires no power) and can be hooked up to an optional Wall mounted Electric Thermostat for precise control of your fireplace to give an evenly heated home. The OPEL 2000 incorporates a Large 3.6 Cubic Foot Firebox allowing for over night burns. The OPEL 2000 is the first EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified wood burning appliance with a gas conversion option. This Zero Clearance Fireplace comes with Tarnish-free gold plated doors and optional Tarnish-free gold plated louvers or basic black.

The professional staff at Fireplace Stove World can install these Air Tight Wood Burning Fireplaces in your home and even tie these certified fireplaces into your furnace ducting system for a more even heating of your home. All of our R.S.F. ENERGY Air Tight Fireplaces utilize Outside Air for Combustion and come with a 30 year warranty.

For further information on these fireplaces please telephone Fireplace Stove World at 1-780-486-5555 or you can view them at our 3000 square foot show floor at 16503 - Stony Plain Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5P 4A7.

The ONYX by R.S.F. ENERGY is smallest of the three Bi-Metal Thermostatically Controlled Air Tight Zero Clearance Fireplaces. It is a 50,000 Btu (British Thermo Units) fireplace and is capable of heating approximately 1,500 square feet.



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