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MARGIN STOVES made since 1974

All Margin Stoves custom built and incorporate cast iron cooking surfaces, "the proven top from Grandma's time". Airtight, bell Draft controlled fire box with cast grates. Exclusive "Air Jet" reburn design, greatly reducing creosote problems common in most airtight fire boxes.

Margin Stove also incorporates large ash trays below the grates for convenient ash removal, copper water reservoir (optional) and porcelain black oven interior. Porcelain exterior finish available in white, almond and black.

For a personalized quote on a custom built Margin Stove contact the expert staff at Fireplace Stove World.

HEARTLAND Woodburning Cookstoves

This is not a box appliance, and it's certainly not a trend. This is for people who care about fine craftsmanship, detailing such as lustrous nickel plated trim and so many more color options than black or white. Please click on the above picture to experience the complete woodburning and electric products from Heartland Appliances.

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MEALTIME STOVES Woodburning Cookstoves

Quality woodburning cook stoves and heating stoves. Excellent quality. Simplified affordable construction. High standards of airtight heating and cooking performance. Please click on the above picture to view the complete line of Mealtime's woodburning Cookstoves.

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